• Complete monthly SEO audit to determine high-performing high search volume keywords
  • Complete monthly on-page SEO updates to 10 pages on the  website
  • Monthly Reporting - Email monthly performance report to client. Review by telephone with client
  • Quarterly Reporting - Complete quarterly deep-dive reports. Review with client in person
  • Write and Add 10 Topic Blog Posts/Articles per month to the & or   website 
  • Google My Business - Confirm ownership of  Google My Business Listing. Add ABQ SEO Services as manager of account.
  • Post 10 Facebook posts per month   
  • Post 10  tweets to Twitter per month   
  • Post 10 Instagram photo posts per month   
  • Add 10 blog posts and Post 10 images a month focusing on the - Google My Business Listing

Total Monthly Investment: $1000/Mo + NM sales tax (tax due when applicable)

  • Manage Google Advertising Campaign for  
  • Google Adwords/ Facebook Search Engine Marketing Campaign - Suggested $450/month Google advertising budget. Services package includes managing company’s Google Ad campaign. Client will receive a report each month on ad campaign results. 

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