Local Google Search Optimization Albuquerque NM

For small and medium size companies being found on the web is more of a level playing field compared to big companies because of your ability to optimize your Google My Business local search business listing. Local is what search is all bout these days, particularly when it comes to searches being done using a smartphone. Albuquerque SEO Services is here to show you the way.


Google has targeted “local search” through search outcomes based on predominant keywords and keyword phrases being used by people looking for local services or goods with business that match what people are seeking. For example, when a business owner looking for help getting found on the internet types in SEO services Albuquerque, NM they want a list of companies offering SEO. Google knows this based on all its search data, so it has presents the best possible search result to the person doing the internet search. Google matches the search using the location of the searcher and the best business listing possible from the businesses that have set up a business listing in Google My Business.

Local Search Advertising Campaigns on Mobile Devices are SMART

Upwards of 77% of people own a smartphone in the US. People use their smartphone doing searches for products or services are doing the searches with local buying intentions more than 50% of the time. Searches done on the internet using a mobile browser is official now more than desktop browser searches Marketing your business online specifically targeting mobile devices can be very effective. More over, because mobile searches almost always result in local search results, it is very, very smart to optimize your local business on Google +.

Hire Albuquerque SEO Services, the Albuquerque SEO experts, to help your business dominate Google local search results.

Local Search Optimization and Google Maps

A business established on Google My Business with a completed profile including business description, accurate address, website link and photos improve their chances of getting found by people looking for its services or products. Our goal is to optimize your business listing on Google My Business where eventually the listing appears in the list of three businesses, Google 3-Pack, for your businesses important search terms.

High Search Volume Local Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Google’s search engine algorithm knows what you want based what the keyword or keyword phrase you typed in search. IF what is being search for on the web can be shipped, it is nationwide keyword

Google can determine what kind of information you are looking for by the way you type in a keyword phrase. The general rule of thumb is if it is small enough to be shipped then it is a national keyword. Anything else falls into the local search category. The more geographically specific the keyword phrase the more locally targeted the search results. For example, if you are searching for wake boards, the results page will include information from across the nation. However, if you are looking for a boat, then the search results will focus closer to home. If you then type in “boats in Denver” you will get a list of boat dealers and other information targeted specifically to the Denver market. An added benefit is that geographically specific keywords typically have lower competition and are usually searched on when people are ready to buy, which means they carry high-conversion rates.

By creating and optimizing listings in local search engines, your small business can own the search results in your market, often beating out larger national brands.

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